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English German Certified Translation: LinguaVox, the answer to official or sworn translations

Having a certified (or sworn or official) translation carried out may imply several problems. If, on top of that, it is an English German certified translation, things get a little bit more difficult. In Spain, sworn or certified translators are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have Spanish as source or target language. Thus, for English German certified translation LinguaVox has found a different solution, depending on the target country where the official translation is going to be used. Call us for more information. Request for a free quote without obligation.

English German certified translation: the target country establishes the solution LinguaVox will suggest to you

The solution to an English German certified translation will depend on the target country in which it is going to be used. For instance, if the translation is going to be used in Germany or Austria, the certified translation will be carried out by a certified or authorised translator from those countries. If, on the country, the official translation is from German into English and you are planning to present it to the United Kingdom authorities, it will conform to their requirements (certifying paragraph, etc...). If, however, the sworn translation is going to travel to the United States, it will have to be duly notarised by a Notary Public there. Whatever your needs may be, LinguaVox will have the right solution. Call us for a free quote.

English German certified translation: LinguaVox, ISO 9001 and EN-15038 certified translation agency

German regional courts (Landgerichte) have the power to appoint "sworn translators". The specific title and the appointment procedure are different in each state. In most cases, the candidates are required to pass an examination. LinguaVox, a certified translation agency with headquarters in Spain and with quality certificates ISO 9001:2008 (certified quality management system) and EN-15038:2006 (certified translation service), will help you decide which sworn translator is best to suit your English German certified translation needs. Call us for a free quote for English German technical, legal, medical and pharmaceutical, certified (legalised, notarised), patent or website translation.

English German certified translation carried out by sworn translators specialised in legal texts

LinguaVox co-operates with an extensive number of sworn translators who only translate into their mother tongue. An important thing about them is also the fact that they are specialised in the translation of legal texts, and even some of them are lawyers or have studies in law. With all these factors behind LinguaVox's choice of the most suitable translators, you can be assured of having the best English German certified translation possible.