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English German Legal translation carried out by professional translators specialised in legal texts

LinguaVox is a translation agency that offers English German legal translation services which are carried out by native professional translators who are specialised in the translation of legal texts. Most of them have followed Law studies, which provides them with an insight into texts of legal nature. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Request for a free quote without obligation.

English German Legal Translation: knowledge of the target legal systems

Carrying out an English German legal translation (or a German into English one) implies a deeper knowledge of the legal systems in the target countries. The specificity of a legal text is such that a professional translator cannot perform a proper job without having a very extensive knowledge of the legal systems that are involved in the intercourse of its job. At LinguaVox, we have native legal translators who meet these criteria. Contact us.

English German Legal Translation vs. Certified or Sworn translation

We should not identify legal translations with sworn or certified translations. English German legal translation is different from certified translations, which are the only official translations there exist. A 'legal' translation simply means that the nature of the text is judicial in some sense, that is to say, linked to the legal system in some way. That does not mean that the translation is certified or sworn, which would imply the participation of a certified or sworn translator, duly appointed by the authorities (or even of a Notary Public, if it is carried out in the United States). In any case, LinguaVox can help you with either legal or certified translations. Contact us for a free quote for English German technical, legal, medical, certified, patent or website translation.

English German Legal Translation: all types of legal texts

Do you need to translate a Memorandum of Association? Perhaps your company's Articles of Association? A will? A Decree Nisi? A Birth Certificate? A contract? LinguaVox, a certified translation agency, offers you English German legal translation which is carried out only by native speakers of the target language and who are specialised in the legal field. Contact us for a free quote for English German legal translation.