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English German Medical Translation: when attention to detail is a must

When we speak about English German Medical translation, we must bear always in mind the specific nature and exigencies of the medical texts we are going to deal with. In the case of a medical text in nature, even if this also applies to any kind of text as matter of fact, attention to the smallest detail or nuance is crucial. Differentiating between two medical terms which are alike may make the difference between an acceptable translation and an excellent one. At LinguaVox, we offer you a product that will produce texts with that mark of excellent that only professional translators and certified translation services companies can master. Request for a free quote without obligation.

English German Medical Translation: different fields taken into account

The variety of fields in English German Medical Translation is as large as the field of medicine is. Our native translators, who will translate ONLY into their mother language, are specialised in different medical fields: medical reports, medical devices, cathetherism, medical surgeries, clinical analysis, and also pharmaceutical texts (texts related to the discovery of new drugs, treatments against severe illnesses such as cancer or AIDS, etc.). Try our services. We guarantee that you will be pleased with them. Call us for a free quote for English German Medical Translation.

Quality English German Medical Translation Services

LinguaVox offers quality English German Medical Translation Services, which are supported by the implementation of the quality standards ISO 9001:2008 (certified quality management system) and EN-15038:2006 (certified translation service). These two standards guarantee the quality of the processes and translation services we offer to our clients. Call us for a free quote for English German technical, legal, medical and pharmaceutical, certified, patent or website translation.

English German Medical Translation: some of our medical translations are carried out by doctors in medicine

At LinguaVox we count with doctors in medicine that carry out our English German Medical translation services. Apart from being professional translators, some of our translators do also have a degree in medicine. This way, the specificity and accuracy of medical terms are guaranteed. Contact us for a free quote for an English German Medical Translation.