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English German patent translation: when difficulty is doubled

It is well known that patent translation is a very difficult and demanding task. If we add to it a difficult language to translate (such as German), that difficulty is doubled. However, LinguaVox can offer its clients ISO 9001 and EN-15038 English German patent translation, carried out by native speakers who translate only into their mother tongue and who are specialised in patent translations. Contact us for a free quote. Request for a free quote without obligation.

English German patent translation: specialised professional translators

LinguaVox is aware of the difficulties when carrying out English German patent translation jobs. For that reasons, the company has chosen only translators who translate into their mother tongue (be it German or English) and who are specialised in the field of patent translation. This, together with the quality certificates obtained by the company, will guarantee that you receive a high quality English German patent translation.

English German patent translation: all formal requirements will be met

English German patent translation presents a set of fixed requirements that patent translators must know well before starting to work on the translation of a patent. The translators employed by LinguaVox, a multilingual translation agency with offices in Europe (Spain) and the USA (Michigan), are well acquainted with those requirements (two-column format, the appearance of number indicating the lines, the fixed terminology at the beginning of the patent itself, etc...). LinguaVox is thus your best choice for English German patent translation. Call us for a free quote for English German technical, legal, medical, certified, patent or website translation.

English German Patent translation: the EPO at a hand's reach

The European Patent Office (EPO) is one of the two organs of the European Patent Organisation (EPOrg), the other being the Administrative Council. The EPO acts as executive body for the Organisation while the Administrative Council acts as its supervisory body as well as, to a limited extent, its legislative body. The actual legislative power to revise the European Patent Convention lies with the Contracting States themselves when meeting at a Conference of the Contracting States. With the English German Patent translation service provided by LinguaVox, the EPO will be at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.